• Designing a Business Card


    With more leisure time to paint comes a new problem--what to do with the many completed paintings?  I have already filled every room in our house with my paintings; I have given many away to family and friends; I have donated to raffles, fundraisers, and other good causes.  But with the freedom to paint almost daily, my inventory of paintings has increased so much that it has now prompted me to think about marketing my artwork a little more ambitiously.

    So yesterday I decided to redesign my outdated business card.  Since our move to Oregon has inconveniently placed me a state away from our tech-savvy daughter, I sat down at my computer yesterday to tackle the task by myself using my long-neglected Photoshop Elements program.  My basic knowledge of how to use the tools and layers of Photoshop is pretty minimal.  I was off to a poor start, staring at the editing screen helplessly for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get a photo of one of my watercolor paintings onto the blank background layer.  Finally, I pulled out a book I bought years ago, How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 8, and read about using layers.  An hour or so  later--voila!--I had completed a simple digital business card!   (Okay, I know that was slow, but it's a new skill for me.) Today I took my digital file off to a printer and ordered a batch of new business cards.  

    The lesson of this story is that you are never too old to learn new skills.  Too many older artists don't take advantage of computer technology to  make their lives easier.  Don't be afraid of your computer!  It's your friend.