I am originally from California, but my husband and I moved to beautiful Oregon in 2015.  Since retiring I have devoted a lot more time to what was once just a hobby -- watercolor painting.  I enjoy painting all kinds of things -- landscapes, flowers, people, animals, or most anything.  My artwork is mostly representative or photo-realistic, but I don't have any firm boundaries in regard to style.


I've dabbled in other media such as oils, acrylics and pastels over the years, but the vibrancy and freshness of transparent watercolor really appeals to me.  I've taken several classes and workshops, but most of my skills are learned from books or self-taught.   I usually work with traditional watercolor and paper.  I also experiment at times with newer materials such as yupo paper and Doak spray paints.   I hope you enjoy browsing in my online gallery.   Please contact me for further information or prices on any of the pieces you see displayed here.

Hi.  I'm Susan.  Welcome to my online art gallery.