Susan Escobar


Hello. I am Susan Escobar,

an Oregon-based artist.

I am originally from California, but my husband and I moved to  Oregon when we both retired in 2015.  I am awed by all the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest--the forested mountains and green valleys, the majestic waterfalls and flowing rivers, the gentle deer, swooping river hawks, and curious raccoons, the glorious sprays of colorful rhododendrons and wild iris.There is lots of inspiration here for a watercolor artist like myself who loves to paint flowers and landscapes. 


I've worked in other media such as oils and pastels, but the vibrancy and freshness of watercolor really appeals to me.  I've taken several classes and workshops over the years, but most of my skills are self-taught. For over 30 years, I worked as a Spanish teacher and ESL teacher which didn't leave a lot of time for me to paint.  Now that I have an abundance of free time, I am getting reacquainted with my creative side.   I work with traditional watercolor and paper most of the time, but recently I have been experimenting with yupo paper and Doak spray paints.   I work mostly for self-enjoyment and the camaraderie of taking classes with other artists, but I've begun selling some of my work, too.  I hope you enjoy browsing in my online gallery.